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About us

Life was different back then, I remember singing in our garden as we picked the vegetables that would become a treat at our supper table.  When I wasn't helping I was watching my mother cook and our kitchen was the warmest space in our home.  I smile at the memories of the meals we shared as our family gathered around the table.  
Those same memories inspired us to open The Greater Good BBQ in July of 2012.  Family recipes and attention to detail when smoking the meats have become an attraction to all the wonderful people who live and work near all three locations, we see many of them each and every week.  Whether it be a solitary diner, a lingering couple, or a boisterous birthday celebration, the looks of anticipation on their faces must have matched mine as I ran to my mother's table after washing my hands.  That's comfort food.
The Greater Good BBQ is best experienced knowing you are always with good company.  I'm reminded of the couple who met for their first date at our Tucker location, resulting in many dates and happily, a wedding rehearsal dinner for 80, lively as fireworks in July.  Now they dine as an "old" married couple.  I remember when we first opened the doors a couple came in.  The wife was expecting their first child.  Now, fives years later, they come to dinner with three children in tow.  It's like a tradition and I think that's great.
Actually, that's The Greater Good.
Much more than BBQ-we couldn't do it without you.  
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